David Paul Krug

Essays on the Meaning of Life

The Greatest Lesson In Life

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ― Steve Jobs

I’ve probably been more inspired by the words of Steve Jobs than by his technology. I sit at this computer, a Mac by the way and I wonder about the future. Not my future — the future of my children. The lessons I will be able to impart upon them. I remember back fondly with love of my father who taught me more than anything with his time, and devotion. His time. We spent many weekends together in the early morning hours, and the late evenings. He would be working and I would be sitting around him annoying him for certain.

But being there he managed to pass onto me the magic of creating something. I saw him pursuing his passions, his goals, and following his heart and to this day it inspires me. I learned by his example. My father and I are very different. And yet at the same time very much the same.

When I was only 19 he told me to pursue with my whole heart something I believed in. I never stopped. And although my life has taken me down many paths. I believe that the most important part of our lives is doing what we were created to do. And each of us has an individual calling. It is part of our life’s calling to find out what that is.

As I have undertaken the life of a father I realize how important it is to instill in my own children the desire to pursue their life’s passions. As I enter the next phase of my life I look for ways to empower my children to grow up with the mindset that no path is the right path. And to show them the path I have taken and why it has given me a life of happiness and joy.

But I completely recognize that my life is not for everyone. It has been a hard and grueling road at times. I have had substantial heart aches, and made some very difficult life decisions.

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