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What Is The Difference Between Failure And Success ?

I was thinking about certain people who are no longer in my life. They quit paying attention, got disconnected, stopped listening to the story of my life. They are no longer in my heart beat. We aren’t in sync. I no longer fit into the box of their lives.

Part of it is because I chose a different story. Some of them are in a different religious group than I am. Some are in a different career path than I am. Some live in a different part of the world than I do. But the seemingly commonality that all of these people have with me is that they are no longer in sync with my life.

It got my thinking about life. To some on the outside I’m probably a failure. Because that is the last time they synced up with my life. They left me in the midst of struggle. And today while I still struggle the struggles are more internal.

I don’t take the effort to re sync with people who have given up on me. I purposely let them go. To allow the negative energy in life to wash off of my soul. And to constantly surround myself with people who believe in me.

I’d rather be in an empty room with no chaos than a full room with chaos. My soul is the same way. I’d rather be surrounded only by those who are positive energies than to have many friends and half of them are negative energies.

When I look at those who view my life as a failure it is because you chose to disengage just as I chose to disengage. Maybe the struggle was too painful for you. Maybe the journey too different.

Our lives are endless journeys of the soul.

Failure is when you become disengaged from your own soul’s journey. Success likewise is when you remain engaged in your own soul’s journey. Finances and career plays no role whatsoever in your engagement to your own soul’s journey. Finances and careers likewise plays no role in your disengagement from your soul’s journey.

But the great lie of this world is somehow that your value to our world is somehow in finances, and careers. When in reality the value of a soul is in sharing his journey with the collective community. When we believe the lies of our own ego that somehow we are worth less, or we are a failure because are net worth is less than someone else that is when we become disconnected with our own soul.

Success is to remain engaged in your own soul’s journey of life.


RickZ says:

True words, friend!

John says:

David your honesty is to be commended. You obviously have learned much from your struggles. Thank you for sharing a part of those struggles and sufferings with your friends. A life without suffering and struggles is a life not worth living at all. When you share from the deepest realms of your heart and the pain that goes with it, you find out who your friends and family really are, as when you said regarding those that are not in sync and those that gave up on you in your struggles, you obviously are aware. Struggles tend to either push people away or draw them closer together. I’m grateful that we’re friends and that we’ll always be friends & brothers. “A friend loves at all times and a brother is made for adversity.” Your brother, John

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